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Layer Pads

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Layer Pads (between 300 to 600gsm) are strong warp resistant pads that is used for use of protective transit packaging for Industries such as Canning, Car Parts as well as Flour and Mealie Meal.


Protective Packaging (Virgin Grade).

Material Specification

Brown Paper (Virgin Grade)

Product Use

Inner Packaging

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  • Features:

    Corner Pieces also known as Angle Edgeboards is Pallet Stabilisation products used for the stabilisation of pallets during the transit phases as well as streghtening pallets and allows double stacking. They can also be placed into cartons to increase the strength of boxes. Azapak can manufacture and provide high volumes in a short space of time with lead times ranging from 5 - 7 working days. We offer non branded corner pieces (white or brown) as well as branded corner pieces with logos or solid colours.

  • Features:

    Notched corner pieces are made into flexible edge protection for cylindrical objects like metal reels, paper, drums and tobacco bales.

  • Features:

    Corner Pieces can be mitred which allows the pallet to be secured further with strapping and placed on the pallet.